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Our software has hundreds of functions specifically tailored to the needs of transplant.

Long Term Success

To insure long-term success, we take a unique approach to implementation.


We leverage your existing internal and external data to reduce duplicate entry.


Data Migration

Getting your historical patient data that lives in other systems into TransChart is essential for allowing you to use TransChart upon go live in the management of your patients. TransChart has vast experience both medically and technologically to help locate, map and import data into TransChart.  We have experience getting data out of any system including in house built transplant databases.


One of the keys to reducing double entry and ensuring data integrity is to bring needed information from other sources directly into TransChart through a series of interfaces. We support an extensive set of interfaces and are ready to develop others as required. We recognize that part of the benefits of our system is that it can gather information from many sources and then present it in a manner conducive to effective clinical patient management. Please contact us for a list of systems where we have developed interfaces.


We specialize in working with our clients to install the system in a way that increases the likelihood of long term adoption We understand that the difference between software ( a tool that saves time and improves patient care and population reporting and shelf-ware (a purchase that is underutilized or not utilized at all ) lies entirely with implementation.

Workflow and Configuration

We’ve learned that there are no shortcuts to a successful implementation.  It takes time,    talent and leadership to succeed. The ultimate goal to redefine your workflow to best benefit from the advantages of our software and for us to configure our software to the unique needs of your program.


Our staff consists of people who have direct connection to transplant. We have developed a comprehensive training program that is integrated into the entire implementation project. Training begins at go live and continues in small specialized groups as workflow is decided and the system is configured to the specific requirements of the transplant program.