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Our software has hundreds of functions specifically tailored to the needs of transplant.

Long Term Success

To insure long-term success, we take a unique approach to implementation.


We leverage your existing internal and external data to reduce duplicate entry.


Solid Organ Core

The TransChart software system is based on a core set of functionality supplemented by a series of add on modules. The core product includes the handling of all patient data from referral to transplant and onward for a lifetime of care. It can track patients across all six different organ types – Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, Lung and Small Bowel and Islet Cells. It is a highly configurable system capable of meeting a wide range of requirements for a diverse set of transplant centers. Included in the core product is easy access to over 100 built in reports. Separate reports have been identified for use during CMS audits.

UNOS Reporting

This is a necessary and time consuming requirement of any transplant program. TransChart UNOS reporting module reduces both the time and the chance of transcription errors by auto populating the data into the UNOS forms from where it has been collected in TransChart. TransChart is an active member of the UNOS vendor group and necessary changes are made to the module prior to the required date by UNOS.

Through an additional add on module TransChart is able to help a transplant program determine their expected SRTR outcomes results in real time and prior to the retrospective report provided by SRTR.

Clinical Analytical Tool

This module extends the TransChart reporting system into a robust research system. It provides statistical data on patient and graph survival, length of stay for the transplant admission, rejection and readmission rates. The automatic Kaplan-Meier survival calculator displays graft and patient survival curves to visually display your program outcomes. The LAB CAT feature allows the user to search patient’s records for medication usage or laboratory results over time allowing for intervention at the onset of a problem.

Advanced Reporting

TransChart has an open architecture database that allows for in depth data research using an SSRS reporting tool. Reports can be customized from a library of existing reports.

 TC Mobile

This is a companion product which works in conjunction with the TransChart Core product. TC Mobile allows access to TransChart on a wide range of mobile devices. This allows users to search for patients, access wait lists and review patient data from a smart phone or other mobile devices. This is especially valuable for on-call access to TransChart waitlist.

Partner Access

This module allows third parties, generally external to the hospital, access to the patient data stored in TransChart.  Security for this feature limits the use to authorized persons only and also allows the transplant team to limit the amount of patient data and the patient population available. We currently support access by referring physicians and dialysis centers.

Patient Access

Patient engagement and satisfaction increase when patients can interact through the internet with their own patient data. Through TransChart’s secure, encrypted browser access the patient has access to a limited view to their medical record.  The transplant program can also elect to have patient satisfaction surveys or education materials available with results coming back into TransChart for patient engagement quality initiatives and reporting.

Chronic Disease Management

Often it is necessary to extend the reach beyond solid organ to assist in the treatment and tracking of patients earlier in the continuum of disease progression.   We currently support Heart Failure and Liver Disease patients, seamlessly moving them into the solid organ module when transplant is recommended.