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Our software has hundreds of functions specifically tailored to the needs of transplant.

Long Term Success

To insure long-term success, we take a unique approach to implementation.


We leverage your existing internal and external data to reduce duplicate entry.

Customer Care

Customer Care

TransChart provides a multi-faceted customer care approach that allows for most issues to be resolved without requiring input from the hospital’s IT department thus streamlining the support effort.

Day to Day Support – Available by phone, email or access to an electronic ticketing system


Data Support– In addition to your onsite super user TransChart support can access and repair virtually all data issues


Software Support– In the rare cases when needed, TransChart can provide software fixes installed remotely.


Product Release Cycle– Extensive release notes and customer education accompany each release. New features in TransChart are heavily influence by an active user group forum.


Program Usage Analysis-  Within the first year after go live TransChart will provide a detailed usage analysis of the system and re-train on areas of  TransChart that are not being fully used by the customer