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Who We Are

Who We Are

TransChart’s mission is to help health care professionals who serve transplant candidates and recipients.  TransChart provides software tools coupled with specialized services that facilitate improved management of every facet of the transplant continuum of care.  Transplant activities involve a multi-disciplinary team of workers, so we develop our software with each of these disciplines in mind.  Our system provides comprehensive management of the transplant process from referral through post-transplant from the perspective of a physician, nurse, transplant coordinator, financial manager, social worker, administrator, and researcher.

We are a dedicated group of specialists focused on using our expertise in medicine, information technology and workflow management to help our clients develop and sustain first-rate transplant programs and other programs that provide continuing care to chronically ill patients whose disease states may ultimately lead to transplant.

Our years of collaboration with our clients have produced a portfolio of tools that address the diverse and highly-specific needs of a comprehensive transplant center.  We complement your EMR by relying on it to handle some of the activities common to all hospital operations.  And we enhance your operations by providing highly-tailored tools that are specific to the needs of transplant and evolve and adapt to the specific changes in transplant.  Our talented staff works with you to ensure that those tools are successfully implemented to solve your specific challenges.

We stand out because of our single-minded focus on transplant and the chronic diseases that may lead to transplant.  Our focus distinguishes us from other vendors who are “looking for greener pastures” outside of transplant.  We believe there’s much more work to do in this important area, and we needn’t look anywhere else to build a strong business. 

And we’re not like others who are simply service companies that offer transplant software one day and the next day are selling software for consumer packaged goods, media or metals.  They want to create the impression that their company’s size benefits the transplant buyer, but a closer examination of their claims will reveal that they are a company that shows no particular focus on transplant. 

Transchart, on the other hand, is a transplant software company.  It’s all we do. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our products and your successful adoption of them. We’re always on the lookout for partnerships with other vendors that further simplify your work and enhance the stature of your program.  We are going deep rather than going wide.  

Each day we continue our quest to deliver the best solutions in the market, a quest that starts with best of breed software but ultimately relies on our implementation experience and vast reservoir of domain expertise.

“In addition to helping them streamline their workflow, staff at some of the high performing transplant centers noted that information technology systems, such as TransChart helped them provide more patient-centered care.”
From The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Report, 2007